Buying Property in Bali, Is it possible for Expats?

In addition to beautiful and stunning beaches, Bali has a tradition and culture to be proud of. In fact, Bali is indeed the best attractive destination for tourists or investors. Every year more and more foreigners from various worlds come to the island of Bali and decide to settle down. Not a few foreigners who marry locals or build businesses in the local market. Foreigners can buying property in Bali for personal or commercial use. It should be noted that legally, foreigners cannot own property in any form. In fact, many foreigners own property using the name of a partner, or a trusted local resident. Consider a few things that are necessary before buying property in Bali.

Buying property in Bali for invest or stay

Customary land

This is not known by many foreigners or foreign investors. Custom land! Land with customary land ownership certificates are usually inherited based on lineage. It will be difficult to solve problems when you are trapped in a customary land dispute. Property on Bali has never lost its interest, but it’s a good idea to ensure that you don’t buy customary land.

Applicable Agrarian Laws (No. 5 of 1960)

Before buying property in Bali, you must pay attention to the rules of certified land ownership transactions based on the agrarian principal through the national land agency. The requirements for foreigners to get property are as follows:

Sertifikat Hak Guna Bangunan (SHGB) – it is explained that for property selector documents with a building rights certificate, it can build for a period of 30 years and can be extended for another 20 years. For foreigners, a building rights certificate can be the right choice. But make sure that your company is officially registered and complies with government regulations.

Sertifikat Hak Pakai (SHP) -This certificate is similar to SHGB with a validity period of 25 years, but the extension is up to 80 years.

Sertifikat Hak Guna Usaha – This certificate is only used for land used for agriculture. Document validation for this certificate is 25 years and can be extended up to 35 years.

Above is a glimpse of the regulations set by the government that needs to be considered when foreigners want to buying property in Bali. With all the regulations set are there any tips for succeeding in investing in Bali?

Get to know the local customs

It is important to know the local area before deciding to buy property in Bali. Each area and local custom usually have different rules. For that, it is better to get to know more closely in order to recognize the applicable regulations.

Due Diligence

It is important to know the legal status when you are going to invest either in a residence or business. Due diligence is important to conduct a comprehensive assessment of your investment. You need to know your rights and obligations as a tenant. Due diligence is also carried out to prevent you from being involved in a land dispute.

So from all the explanations above, whether the question of whether it is possible for expats to buy property in Bali has been answered. Make sure you have completed all the requirements and documents needed to expedite the process.

Open Plan Office: prospers the company and staggers the employees

The root of the first open plan office we can see this day dates back from the early 20th century when Frank Lloyd Wright has built an office for SC Johnson Wax in 1936. The concept of open plan office is one of the forms of modern co-working space. 

Open plan office is a brilliant idea that just being overrated these days. They have quickly developed and highly considered. Most of the companies try to copy the concept, though there are many things they have forgotten. It is easier to mention that they only focus on getting rid out of those cubicle walls. Open plan office was once a work of art which paid close attention to detail and constant flexibility.

Today, open plan office is perhaps a strategy conducted by companies to save the capital. Since every cubicle costs some money, they simply eliminate it. Many companies even mention the open plan office as a plus value in their job vacancies. They represent to the public that working in their companies is fun and comfortable. Please bear in mind that the pictures of elegantly built open plan office might not be as comfortable as they really. 

However, this is not the real intention of the open plan office in the first place. As the author of Scientific American, George Musser, said, open plan offices were invented by architects and designers who were trying to make the world a better place—who thought that to break down the social walls that divide people, you had to break down the real walls, too. 

While earning lots of compliments, this so-called open plan office is also receiving plenty of complaints. 

According to studies conducted by Harvard researchers, open plan offices are killing the productivity and not increasing the collaborative of the employees as it was intended for. The studies also find that the setting of open plan office has distracted the employees to focus and concentrate.

Psychologically speaking, this type of workplace apparently leads to a sense of being observed all the working time. Moreover, it also causes privacy issues and negative thoughts among the employees. Instead of encouraging interaction and openness, open plan office gives rise to insecurity and stress level. 

The modern type of offices like the open plan layout was developed by architects and designers to create a better working conditions. Just like everything in this world which has both good and bad sides, you can always examine and decide which type of office is best for you. 

Get to Know the Reasons to Start Your Own Business Right Away

There at least 2 main common choices people are doing to make money. Both are making money by starting their own business or simply just being an employee for the others. For some reasons, there are no right and wrong or best and worst of whatever decision you are taking. But most of the times, we have no power to undo what we have been decided.

The reasons to start your own business

Many people are working behind the desk at the office from earlier in the morning even up to late in night while the others are saying that starting and running their own businesses are making them even happier. It shows us that every choices have their own prices.

And since starting a new business will mostly sounds heroic especially for a “single fighter” one, then let’s have a look to what’s actually you need to know about the right reasons to start building yours.

1. You believe that everyone have their own opportunity in business

All of us have our own knowledge, experiences and skills and all of that can be offered to the others as a business. Even though you won’t offering your own business services, creating your own product is even get easier today than before. We have been surrounded by the innovative technology and tools for so long and creating products should never been an issue.

If you need to grab the business opportunity, make sure be real with that and don’t exaggerating the value.

2. There will always be the creative and innovative rooms for your idea

Working under pressure is not actually a problem if you are flexible to think and do anything possible. If not, then you will know how hard the headache can be.

Starting your new business giving you more room to think and act creatively in a way you have never been before.

3. More flexibility to come

If you are dreaming on working at wherever and whenever you want, starting your own business can be an answer especially if you are into the digital business.

You will only need to know what your customers need and when they are need it. But, you should know that starting a new business can be hard sometime and you will even can spend more times on working something. But from what I have seen, it doesn’t matter since that is truly your passion.

4. Start a new business is challenging. There will be a time when you will know your limit and know how to deal with it

For many people, starting a new business can be a ‘learning by doing’ business as well. You will mostly do anything by yourself. And we have been knowing that there will always the limitations for everyone in doing things. But when you think that all of your efforts and budgets are reaching their limit, you will be decided whether or not to continue the business.

But at least, it is something you need so you will know your weakness and will find out ways to deal with it when there will be such things in the future.

5. You are getting excited in pursuing your own dream

Dream is what everyone has. It is free but need your efforts in the same time. Starting anew business is not always about how much money to make or how long does it takes to be the rich, it all actually about pursuing your lifetime dream and you will die for it.

You will be surprised that you can work harder and even smarter than before without being burdened by all of the hassles. Because you are passionated and excited to all the things you are working on.

Starting a new business is not a perfect option but it can be the worth living decision you have ever made for your life. While working behind the desk at the office will always be a recommendation for certain condition, if you have no idea what you are going to do in the future, you’d better starting your own business step by step from now on.

Why All Businesses Should Grow Their Social Media Presence?

Social media can be a way for us to keep on connecting to each other but it is also supporting on how to grow any kind of businesses especially to ensure that they are also existing and the customers can find them on social media while chatting with their friends.

There are many “places” where the internet users will be on internet. Some are opening Google while typing what they need to find out, some are streaming an online web-toon, some are scrolling up and down through their social media feeds, and so many things are happening in other platforms as well.

And mostly, social media is one of the popular places where we can find so many internet users in the world and they are really connecting to each others through several kinds of engagement types (like, comment, share, etc) for even hours a day.

Reasons to use social media to grow your business

One of the classic but important basic business lesson you should always remind yourself is; where there will be the crowd, there will be the money. Social media is one of the most crowded place on internet and you can always offering your business there anytime.

Social media is important to drive traffics for your main business site

Building a business means that you are also building your audiences. One of the common way for that is gaining the visitors by building the business site. And the two common ways to get traffics are waiting your site to be visited through search engines organically and share your business offers through social media where you can even get the traffics in seconds right after sharing the pages.

Sharing is a reminder for your customers that you are still running the business or you have been created the new innovation for your products.

Doing that is also means that you are maximising the use of social media and optimising your main business site since social signal has been a SEO factor in ranking the site.

To know what’s your customers have in mind about your business through social media engagements

If you are sharing your business thoughts or products to social media, it can be a way how to know about what the others are thinking about your business through engagement sessions.

You will know how many users are loving your business posts, how many of them are involving in a small discussion on comment session, how many shares your posts have got, etc.

The more interactions you get—apart from the pros and cons it has—let’s just be positive while assuming that apparently the more people (customers) are caring about your business.

Build your business brand and start reaching out more customers

There have been so many creative and innovative products or services until today but how many of them are still surviving?

Creating the best business is not enough to make it bigger and still available for even the next years. You will also need to know how to promote and market the business so people will still know about it while keep on upgrading the quality of services, finding the new innovation, etc.

Social media can be a platform where you can keep on interacting with your customers while building your business brand so the more people will know about what your business is about and how does it helps them as well.

The more people will know about you, the easier for you to spread your business information. At the end, it will also contribute in getting the more customers for your business.

Some popular social media platforms have been serving ads for years

You must have been knowing that you can put your own personal or business ads on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc right? At this point, we should have realised that they are not just as simple as connecting with friends and family. But social media have turned into the business platforms as well especially for their ads services.

You can now are even more possible to reach more customers on social media through natural post optimization or paid traffic.

In fact, there have been many social media services to help out the business owners in reaching their customers just like what the social media management Bali is doing.

Dealing with content creation and publication is not an easy thing. Interacting through engagements can also spend your time for even hours. Planning the ads budget and optimize the ads as well as its budget are also challenging. And more things to deal with where some of the business owners will usually think that they are better to hire such services.

Therefore, if you are just starting the new small business or even have been building the giant one for years, you will find many proves that any kind of businesses should have been using the social media platforms to grow theirs since the beginning.

Should You Run A Franchise Business or Not?

There are some ways for businessmen to run a business. At least, there are common 3 ways how they are running it which are starting the new one, joining in the other business and buying a franchise business and start selling the products.

Should you run a franchise business?

Any mentioned ways have their own advantages and disadvantages and that’s what we are going to talk about in this case especially for the franchise business so you will know whether or not you are going to run such business.

Advantages of running franchise business

  • Mostly, the brand and all the products of the franchise business has been popular and well known by the customers anywhere or at least at the big cities. It will be helpful in saving the budget in promoting the business brand and products since the main company of the franchise business have been promoting it since before.
  • All of the raw materials and the product stocks have been provided and all you need to do just focusing on selling the products. You can then will only have one target in running the franchise business so many people are even starting it by their own without any helps by the others not even need to think about setting up the employment.
  • In general, franchise have higher possibility to get success than building your own start-up. Have you got a single prove by yourself that you are successful in starting a new business? Franchise business have more proves than you think and you can be the one as well.
  • Save more money than starting a new business. Considering that you won’t spend more budget in promotion and others, that can really be a good start to save the budget. Franchise business will save your time as well in the first place since there are no many things you have to research.
  • You mostly will get the proven business management and strategies as well as the ongoing support from the main company or factory.
  • You will get a bonus. Mostly, for certain sales you can reach in certain time, you will get a bonus. Even though that franchise business is not a multi-level marketing business, but you will get a bonus, too.

Now, here are the disadvantages

  • You will need to find the best location to run your business. In other hands, most of such places have been rented by the others.
  • Most of the franchise business can’t be sell online. Even though it can, the products may not what you are interesting in.
  • Running franchise business means that you are also building another business brand. Although you are not spending out a single budget for promotion, still, selling the products will allow you to tell the customers that what you are selling is the best for them and not the others.
  • Sometimes, you can sell the products with your own prices. If you do and the company will know, you are possible not to be their business partner in recent time as well as in the future.
  • You will sign the agreement that feels like intimidating your own creativity. The ways you are running the business are possible not suiting your ways.
  • If the other same franchise business will have bad reputation for some reasons, yours can be affected too because it has the same brand.
  • If a business will have more franchisors, it can be harder to make the agreement that can be fear for everyone. In this point, if you are running the franchise business, you may won’t be as creative as you need because of the limitations.

Knowing the above advantages and disadvantages of franchise business hopefully will help you to define whether or not you should dive into the business.

One important thing that I need to tell you is that all of the numbers of advantages and disadvantages on above are not defining how best or worst the franchise business is, so you’d better be wise in reading the lists.

Tips to Find Best Surf Charters For Your Holidays

There have been many best and special surf charters to take your surf holidays to an unforgettable moment. If you think that renting a boat or reserving the liveaboard travel package can be the perfect way to explore the ocean, now you have just got another one thing to experience, too.

Find the best surf charters for holidays

Surf boat charters are the boat that is specially to send you out on the sea to find the perfect surf spots and waves while living on boat. Some boats may only delivering you to the surf spots and won’t be available as a place to spend the liveaboard nights and some are possible for that.

Some surf boat charter companies have their own advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, it is better for you to know how to find the best surf charters for spending your valuable holidays. And here are the tips in how you are doing it.

Get your surf boat charter from the qualified surf company

Some places that are best for surfing are possible to offer the boat charter for the surfers. Some are offered by the local people to send you to the surfing spots without being accompanied with the surf instructors and some are giving you the complete surf package where you will not only guided by the professional surf instructors but also have someone to share the same interest.

If you need the professional surf charters, you’d better getting it from the surf company even though what the local people are offering can also be considered. But first, think about which one will really prioritize your safety because surfing can be as dangerous as you have never been imagined.

Surf company that have been establishing for years can be the main options while the cost can also be affordable enough.

Ensure that the surf boat charters have interesting itinerary

We have the same amount of time while being on the land or the sea. When you are spending your holidays at the surf boat while surfing at the best spots, surely that you will also need to do something else than just being on a surfboard for the whole day or in case you need some beneficial diversions on the next day.

Island hoping can be included into the itinerary while there will be things to do at each islands you will be visited. All of those things can make your surf holidays be more unforgettable as long as the surf charters company have their own itinerary.

Surf charters with evacuation plans

Everywhere can be the battle field for the travelers including the surfers. You will never know what things could happen while controlling the surfboard among the big waves. In such condition, the surf company should have been trained their team (the boat’s crew) in how to keep safe the surfers as well as the boat itself in case the wind and the sea are changing.

Surf companies should have been known what to do when there will be something like that through the evacuation plans both for the surfers and the boat.

Ask the boat charter company if you are possible to stay on the boat during your surf trip

Accommodation is always the main thing to think about when planning the travel. If you think that the surf boat charter is what you will need for the next trip, you’d better ask the company or travel operator whether or not you are going to stay the whole days in the boat.

Even some of the liveaboard travel providers are not allowing the travelers to spend the night on board. So does when you are renting the surf boat, you have to make sure that the boat is possible as your main accommodation to experience the ultimate level of your surfing trip.

Resolving Dispute with Your Tenants

Running property investment business such as rental property is promising but challenging at the same time because it means you need to maintain good relationship with your tenants. It is not an easy thing to do. Some landlord were getting too carried away with building relationship agenda which disadvantaged them at some points. Some landlords were too ignorant to care about building relationship with tenants to the point they would even feel awkward to just say hi. The best thing to do is to maintain business relationship. It is also recommended to draw clear line if you rent your property to friends or families. Thus, business stays business.

Dispute between landlord and tenant

Maintaining good business relationship with tenants is not easy. Of course, you have the tenancy agreement and all to make it clearer about what yours and your tenant’s right as well as responsibilities. However, sometimes having dispute with your tenants is inevitable. The causes are varied. Sometimes, a dispute can start from small thing like harmful complaint from tenant whether it is about the maintenance or about other tenants. If you cannot deal with it very well form the start, it can build up until it create a dispute between you as the landlord and the tenant. That is the last thing you should wish for from running a rental property.

Basically, every problem has its solution. However, it also depend on the situation on what kind of solution is the best to solve the problem. If the problem is not too big, it is highly recommended to speak verbally by sitting in the same room and having peaceful conversation. It is important to talk through everything so it is clear where the root of the problem is. By identifying the real problem, you can find the right solution for both.

Resolving Dispute with Your Tenants

If the problem cannot be solved by sitting up together and talking, you may need third parties for mediation. This is important because you may need someone who is unbiased to see the problems clearly and find the best solution. Make sure to find the third party for mediation that you and your tenants agree to avoid another dispute.

It is also important to not give in your ego. If you are open to compromise, more solutions are possible to find. It is highly advised not to easily raise your voice no matter how right you think you are. If the dispute is caused by one tenants having arguments with other tenants, it might be more complex to resolve because then you need to be the mediator to solve the problems.

If the dispute that you have with your tenants cannot be solved by discussion or real talking, you or your tenants (whoever feels wronged) can submit a form to body corporate. Everything will be handled through legal courts. Remember that this should be the last option. This can be costly and takes time to solve. Therefore, make sure to deal with every complaint well to avoid any dispute between you and your tenants.  

Komodo Liveaboard: How to Save Money for the Trip

The raw and wonderful cruising trip to Komodo National Park, Flores, with the notorious Komodo liveaboard has long been kept as summer dream for many travelers. And the trip will continue to be a dream if you do nothing to make it come true. While most of us are not millionaires—who can arrange any liveaboard trip anytime we wish—it takes a bit of financial planning to book the liveaboard vacation in Komodo. We need to save money, spare some income, limit expenditures, and carefully pick itineraries and extra facilities we want and can afford. We know your struggle, too, and that’s why we want to share some insight on how to save money so that you could set sail in the dreamy Komodo sooner than you think. 

Simple Tips to Make Money for Komodo Liveaboard Trip

Set A Komodo Liveaboard Jar of Changes

The easiest and simplest way to make money for sailing with Komodo liveaboard is, of course, saving changes from your weekly consumption. Remember how Carl and Ellie of Pixar’s UP saving up their changes into a glass jar for their dream trip to the Paradise Falls? Take their example and set your own daily saving.

Limit Café Breaks

Also, limit your coffee-to-go per week. Whenever you want to stop by Starbucks, JCo, Dunkin’ Donuts (or other coffee shop) for a quick grab, think about sailing away in Komodo’s remote, peaceful landscape. It doesn’t mean that you need to cut your daily caffeine consumption at all. If you can’t live without your regular morning coffee, consider to purchase grounded coffee beans and brew your own at home. Take it with you in tumbler or thermos and enjoy it in your office (or class). Just so you know, a bag of good quality coffee beans or grounded coffee, that could last nearly a month, is equal to 2 cups of Starbucks’ grande cups of coffee. Simply cutting off your daily visit to coffee shop will save you a lot more money than you thought.

Set Up A Garage Sale

We all have few things we don’t use anymore though they are still in perfect condition. Having a garage sale is a good idea to earn more extra money for making your Komodo liveaboard sailing trip comes true. Go through your house, look deeper inside your cabinet. Find clothes that you rarely use, stuffs you (or your kids) have outgrown, or things that you’ve find plainly boring for no reasons. Bonus point if you have accessories or furnitures that you don’t use anymore; like table lamps, rice cookers, bangles and necklace, hats, baby cribs, or even a couch! They usually sold quicker. Garage sale buyers love furnitures that they couldn’t normally purchase. Also, you don’t have to have an actual garage to have a sale—just post it in your social media or put it in secondhand marketplace site!

Sign Up for Temporary Online Taxi/ Taxibike

Most Komodo liveaboard boat trip are usually come affordable after you save up for three months or so. You can even take the basic one for just one to two millions rupiah for 3D2N sailing—though not for the best experience. Medium class liveaboard with double bed cabins and standard hotel facilities could cost you 5 – 7 millions rupiah for same duration of trip, and probably more on boats with additional water sport facilities onboard. If you think you need more money for your dream Komodo trip, consider to sign up as Uber/ Lyft driver and earn extra bucks this way. If you stay in Indonesia, you would not see any Uber or Lyft, but you’ll find the local counterpart: Gojek and Grab. Start driving in your spare time and you’d be quite shocked to have more than a million rupiah just in a week. Yes, that’s actually possible!

How to Become a Savvy Developer in Property Business

When you decide to take property development as your path in the business, it means you are no longer a simple investor. It means you are also a developer, which requires you to have certain characteristics to guide you to successful business.

How to be a savvy property developer

You see, property development is a pretty complex strategy in property business that not everyone is able to make it through.

Even experienced and seasoned developers often suffers from some hassles here and there. It is right to say that property development project is challenging. If you are ready to take the challenge, you need to be prepared, mentally and physically because once it come out successful, everything is paid off.

Become a savvy, successful developer

Savvy and successful developers are not born. However, they are not created in a day or two either.

There are many factors contributing to one’s success in property development. It includes the combinations of great attitude, education, experience, and the ability to reflect. Here are things for you to figure out how to become savvy, successful developer:

  • A good developer should work hard and smart. Work hard help you to keep going while work smart help you to choose more efficient way. Since property development is not an easy feat, you also need to learn how to build your patience. There is no way development project can be finished in few days. It can take months until it is finished. Throughout the process, you may encounter many problems. However, you will be able to go through with all if you have unlimited patience within you.
  • Another things you should possess to become savvy and successful developer is focus and determination. You need to be tenacious so that you don’t have time to think of quit or giving up. You need to have burning determination driven by your own goals so that you can keep going with high motivation. Property development is not for the weak, that’s for sure.
  • The next quality you should have to become savvy developer is creativity. You see, property development is a challenging feat. There are always risks following every step you take. However, you will survive if you can think creatively of way out and strategies. Creativity means you have invisible weapon to use when the others cannot even see because it is within you.
  • Savvy developers are those who have the time required to manage the project. It means, once you jump in property development, you need to commit to it. There is no time for procrastination either because everything needs to be done efficiently.
  • As mentioned earlier that education is one of the most important things you need to have to be able to manage property development project. It is true because there are things that cannot be solved by money only. Sometimes, they need the right knowledge and information to be solved properly. That’s where education hold such important role. Make sure to invest yourself in education before you invest in property development.

What to Do to Find the Best Seminyak Villas Offer?

There are many travellers who are visiting Bali and requiring to stay in the best villa they can get which is located at Seminyak area. Since it is one of the best place for tourists, then many of travellers are making it as their favourite place to spend their times.

But the thing is that, no matter how big their willing is to find the best Seminyak villas offer, they keep on confusing and possibly to get none since there are the other many tourists who are also willing the same thing.

Ways to find the best Seminyak villas offer in Bali

So, the competition for finding the best Seminyak villas offer has been started. You don’t even had a chance when the high season is coming to make a big crowd for the whole tourism sectors in Bali.

Things you can do to find the best Seminyak villas offer

If there will be a will, then you have know that you may will also have the ways.

To help you out for getting the best Seminyak villas in Bali with interesting offer you may not denied, there are some important things you can do and they are easy to accomplish. Those are as below.

a. Make a reservation months before

There is a tagline that quiet popular about Bali which is;

Everyday is Sunday in Bali.

And it is what it is. Everyday, people are travelling to Bali and enjoy all the excitements they can get. The tagline can also means that, you will competing with the other travellers in finding your best Seminyak villas offer because you are not the only one to travel around.

So does when the high season of tourism in the whole Bali, there will be more competitors you get to find your best accommodation. Therefore, planning your visit is vital and when everything has been well prepared, you’d better make a reservation as soon as possible so your chosen villa at Seminyak won’t be fall into the others.

It is recommended that you reserve a villa 2 or 3 months earlier before you come.

b. Check your best Seminyak villas offer on their official sites

Logging into TripAdvisor may be recommended but I prefer to find the Seminyak villas offer through search engine and directly get into the official sites and do checking one by one.

Doing this, sometime you will get the special discount and services when you are making a reservation through the site.

Some of the sites are also giving the guests the special services when they are reserving months before, so you can combine the first point on above with this one.

c. Know how close the villa is to the beach

I don’t know if you are a big fan of beach activity and atmosphere or not, but staying in the villa that is closer to the beach is an important thing not to be missed. Villa is a perfect match to the beach since long time ago and I think that will also be the great way to enjoy the tropical atmosphere of Bali.

The closer your rented villa to the beach is good especially if you will got a beachfront villa or at least you will only spend some short minutes by walking to it.

There are at least two reasons why you will need to do this. First, you will be easy to go to the beach and doing things. Secondly, there are many beach bar and restaurants where you can also made them as places to enjoy the beautiful trip in Bali with scene.

The other things to think about are services and trained staff. But since they are all seem to be the same for me, I think I will skip them and focusing on the above three ways to get the best Seminyak villas offer in Bali.