The Critical Aspects Of The Website Design You Should Know


What the first time comes to your mind when there will be someone asking you about the most critical aspects of the website design the site should have got?

I believe that there will be various answers for that. People have their own different knowledge and experiences so even the ugly designed site will be recommended as long as it can generates traffic for those who need more visitors or readers but will be powerful in delivering the contents. We have been seen such sites for a long time.

In the meantime, there will be someone who are requiring the best website design that looks simple but elegant, no matter how lack the contents are, as long as his eyes are pampered, he will get it for whatever price it takes.

At the other places, there will be more people who are requiring that their website designs will be look like the 2 examples on above or have their own insights that are far different than the above.

But, no matter what the site owners are required, there are usually the same things they will need to make their website designs as the better ones base on the topics or the business lanes. I am sure that there will some of the necessary critical aspects that can unite all of the most of their web design needs.

Critical aspects of website design that the site owners should have known

While writing this, I am hoping that this post will mostly be read by the site owners; those who don’t know anything about how the website design is made.

Some of the critical aspects the site owners should know about in website design

I am doing this because many of the site owners will mostly prioritise their own ego that can make the hired website designer and developer can do their job very well.

The first issue where the site owner will really put the web designer into trouble can be the site colours. As it can be the important element the site has, sometime the site owners are requiring whatever they want no matter how bad and disturb the colours are for the others. It is a true and many times, site owners were acting they knew everything.

So that, I hope some of these critical aspects of the website design can really be read by the site owners that want or change its site design or even just want to build the new one.

1. All the website design elements should be seen aesthetically pleasing and balance

No matter what that will be; colour combination, navigation, design elements, and many more, the end result of the website design should be seen aesthetically pleasing as well as balanced.

I don’t know how to explain this, but many times, the site owners will mostly choose their own colours that can make the site seems to be too bright, the colours are spreading randomly, etc.

But if I could conclude them all into a sentence, the site should has been compositional.

2. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

When its comes to the business site and actually to all of the site types , the owner should have realised that the User Experience is truly important. The first time you were building a site, you were also thinking about the traffics or visitors, weren’t you?

That’s why, if you want the visitors will be used your site easily, with good design, easy to navigate, you should make its as simple as it should be. I am not saying that the site will lack of elements, but even make a drop-down menu can be a great decision to make.

Making a site that seems to be a crowded mess will let the visitors away in no minute and won’t be back again in the next time.

3. Speed is what your site need

Speed of internet is keep on increasing. Today, people are usually accessing information up to buying things online through their phones. Knowing this, you will also need to make a site that can be loaded faster than the competitors.

Building a site to be the responsive one when accessed in various gadgets can also help you to get a better speed when visitors accessing your site. So does when the website design elements that will be used since what appeared and even not appeared on the screen are actually have their own capacities that can contribute to how long a page of your site will be loaded.

So that, rather than focusing on a too contrast colour combination, you’d better ask the website designer and developer to make yours to be faster than before. The faster you site will be, the better to increase your search engine visibility.

Thus, some of the critical aspects of the website design that recommended to be known by the site owners. But, there are actually the other many things that should have been your concern as well.

I am just telling you some of the important parts that you can discuss with the website designer and developer you are hiring right now so you can talk to your freelancers about the important parts rather than your own ego.

If you don’t want to deal with them all, you can actually hire the Bali web design services that have been experienced for years and dealing with various web projects from the small one to the bigger.