Signs Of Problematic Shopping Habits You Might Have

Signs Of Problematic Shopping Habits You Might Have

Shopping is one of the most relaxing things to do for some people who use it as a way to escape from the stressful life. However, not everyone love shopping. There are also others who just shop when they really need to buy important things. What about people who are considered shopaholic? How problematic it can be?

Problematic shopping habits

Identifying shopping habit might not be that easy especially when you try to identify it yourself. Sometimes, you find excuse to justify your toxic shopping habits and end up doing the same thing over and over again. Many people don’t know they have it until they experience the real damage to their lives mentally, physically, and financially. 

Is there such thing as retail therapy?

Retail therapy is a fancy term of shopping where you do it to help motivate yourself when you are down. It is fine to do a splurge every once in a while because you deserve it after how hard you work. However, it is also important that you draw the lines for your retail therapy because it might turn into toxic habit instead. 

Shopping problems

Shopping problems

There are many forms and terms of shopping problems acknowledged by Psychologists. There are compulsive buying disorder, oniomania, pathological buying, and buying addiction. With these condition, people get their lives ruled by shopping habits, which is why it is unhealthy or toxic. It is because toxic shopping habits can damage your life in many ways. 

Know the signs

There are signs to know if you have bad shopping habits that potentially turn into shopping problems with severe consequences. For example, you quickly forget about purchases. This is where you enjoy the process of buying items and all the transactions. However, you quickly forget about the items and never put them to good use. You may have the items still in their packaging or unused for months or years. 

Feeling guilty after shopping

If you keep feeling guilty after buying something, try to identify the cause of it. It can be because deep down you know that you bought something just out of compulsive decision. You only shop to get the high. If this is what keeps happening to you, this is a sign of unhealthy shopping problems. 

Hiding your purchases

When you have the need to hide your purchases from people around you such as spouses, children, parents, etc, it can be a sign of unhealthy shopping habit. If this happens to you, start asking yourself why you need to justify your purchases to others. Is it because you are spending too much money? Or is it because you are shopping too frequently?

Feeling anxious when you don’t shop

Just like how addiction works, you might feel more anxious when you don’t shop. The anxiety is not something you can get rid off so easily. It makes you feel listless, irritated, and confused. Or, you might get light sign from how you feel anxious anytime you leave a shop without buying something.