Tulamben: A Slice of Diver’s Paradise in North Bali

Tulamben: A Slice of Diver’s Paradise in North Bali

Far from beach parties and trendiest shopping centres, Tulamben enjoys treasures some of Bali’s most wonderful underwater gems in its rather laidback ambience. Diving is the main thing in Tulamben; as the region is blessed with many dive sites and impressive shipwreck.

There are several dive facilities and dive resorts in the vicinity because it is one of Bali’s best dive locations, so expect to see divers! People in dive gear will be crossing the street, and locals will be carrying scuba equipment (guys on their scooters or shoulders, women on their heads!) because this is a very popular diving region. Divers are continually entering and exiting the water. It’s difficult to get a picture of the coast without divers in it. It’s no surprise that the restaurants and bars have names like Safety Stop Restaurant and Drop Off Bar.

Getting Around Tulamben

Tulamben is a tiny village with a row of residences, stores, restaurants, and diving centers and resorts. There isn’t a true beach boulevard, but there are various walkways and resorts that provide access to the black lava rock beach. You can walk along the beach depending on the tide, however a romantic stroll can be difficult due to the large and slippery pebbles. Although the beach does not have a boardwalk or ‘boulevard,’ many walkways and resorts provide access to areas of the stunning black lava rock beach.

Tulamben and the Surrounding Dive Sites

Tulamben and the Surrounding Dive Sites

The majority of diving spots in the Tulamben area are easily accessible from the beach. The rocks can be fairly large and treacherous depending on the tide, so grab on to your partner or use one of the lines to get in and out of the sea.

Coral Garden & Drop Off

Coral Garden and Drop Off, which are an almost flat slope of corals and a cliff where you can’t see the bottom (+40 meters deep), are two more popular dive sites in Tulamben. This results in a wide range of dive locations in Tulamben!

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The Liberty Wreck

The Liberty Wreck, also known as the USAT Liberty, is one of the most popular wrecks in the world because it is lushly covered with marine life, easily accessible, and partially submerged. Ruin diving has a certain allure, especially if the wreck can’t be seen from the surface. You’re simply navigating or following your guide when a large dark shadow transforms into the shape of a ship, plane, or car.

It’s amazing to dive around a wreck and find all of the elements that are still intact or recognizable, such as the steering wheel, engine room, or even antique ship lamps. There is a lot of marine life on and surrounding the Tulamben wreck. There are numerous colorful nudibranchs as well as larger species such as sweet lips and surgeon fish can be discovered. Go early in the morning or go for night diving after dark to capture the best of Tulamben’s underwater scenery!

How to Dive in the Wreck

Depending on your level of experience and certification, there are several ways to dive Liberty Wreck. When swimming through some sections or when there is current, be careful not to touch anything. Because those wounds might take a long time to heal, you risk causing damage to the wreck or disturbing the marine life that lives there.

Would you try Tulamben for your vacation?

Before You Go: What to Pack for Vacation in Bali Villas

Before You Go: What to Pack for Vacation in Bali Villas

Staying in villas in Bali during your summer Bali holiday may be a great opportunity for your family to spread out and relax in a home-like setting that’s often less expensive than a hotel. Families can also take advantage of features that are not available in many hotels, such as full kitchens, laundry facilities, and even large backyards.

Because you won’t be staying in a traditional hotel or motel, your packing list for a vacation rental in Bali stay may need to be updated. It’s always a good idea to read the listing thoroughly for any surprises, and to contact the rental owner with any concerns regarding what to bring for your holiday rental. You will also need little extra organization in terms of meal preparation, leisure activities, road trip things, beach gear, and so on.

When it’s time to pack for your holiday villa in Bali, take a look at our list of must-have goods:

Know What Is Provided in Your Bali Villas

Usually, vacation rentals and villas in Bali mostly provide the basic amenities. In the kitchen, you can find cookware and dinnerware. Mattress pads, bedspreads, and pillows . All paper goods, soaps, staples, personal items, and linens must be brought with you. Occasionally, items like as salt, pepper, trash bags, cleaning supplies, and paper products will be left behind by prior visitors, but you will need to gather such items for your own use.

Stocking the Kitchen 

Stocking the Kitchen

Having a kitchen where we can cook our own food and save a lot of budget is the true reasons why people choose villas in Bali over hotels. However, it’s very rare to find a villa kitchen in Bali with complete stock of spices. You’ll find some salt and sugar if you’re lucky. Some sophisticated villa have coffee machines, ovens, and microwaves but still lacking on bottle opener. So, you might want to bring:

  • Spices: Salt, Pepper, Sugar, Dry Herbs, Garlic Powder, Cinnamon Powder and other usual herbs you use for cooking!
    Cooking oils 
  • Your favourite coffee and tea
  • Bottle opener and corkscrew
  • Your favourite brand of coffee creamer
  • Two key knives & plastic cutting board 

You can always shop for groceries in Bali, but you might not find your favourite brand here. Also, herbs and spices are quite expensive especially when you need to buy a variety of them. You won’t also need the whole bottle of spices, so try to bring what you can from home!

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Providing the Toiletries

Providing the Toiletries

Not all vacation homes in Bali provide toiletries. Some are just like renting a home—so make sure you bring your own toiletries. 

  • Soap 
  • Shampoo
  • Toothpaste & tootbrush
  • Lotions
  • Toilet paper. Be prepared that most toilets in Bali use water bidets so you might want to prepare your own toilet papers. 

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Other Essentials

There are times when you wish you bring something upon arriving in Bali villas. Don’t worry—we’ve covered it for you. 

  • Clothing hangers—it’s never enough
  • First aid kit 
  • Cleaning sponges—better use a new one for the dishes
  • Medications
  • Charges
  • Hair dryers
  • Trash bags 

Some of these things can be purchased in your destination. So go easy and don’t overpack. At least now you know what to buy for a convenient stay in your villa Bali!

Tips to Find Best Surf Charters For Your Holidays

There have been many best and special surf charters to take your surf holidays to an unforgettable moment. If you think that renting a boat or reserving the liveaboard travel package can be the perfect way to explore the ocean, now you have just got another one thing to experience, too.

Find the best surf charters for holidays

Surf boat charters are the boat that is specially to send you out on the sea to find the perfect surf spots and waves while living on boat. Some boats may only delivering you to the surf spots and won’t be available as a place to spend the liveaboard nights and some are possible for that.

Some surf boat charter companies have their own advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, it is better for you to know how to find the best surf charters for spending your valuable holidays. And here are the tips in how you are doing it.

Get your surf boat charter from the qualified surf company

Some places that are best for surfing are possible to offer the boat charter for the surfers. Some are offered by the local people to send you to the surfing spots without being accompanied with the surf instructors and some are giving you the complete surf package where you will not only guided by the professional surf instructors but also have someone to share the same interest.

If you need the professional surf charters, you’d better getting it from the surf company even though what the local people are offering can also be considered. But first, think about which one will really prioritize your safety because surfing can be as dangerous as you have never been imagined.

Surf company that have been establishing for years can be the main options while the cost can also be affordable enough.

Ensure that the surf boat charters have interesting itinerary

We have the same amount of time while being on the land or the sea. When you are spending your holidays at the surf boat while surfing at the best spots, surely that you will also need to do something else than just being on a surfboard for the whole day or in case you need some beneficial diversions on the next day.

Island hoping can be included into the itinerary while there will be things to do at each islands you will be visited. All of those things can make your surf holidays be more unforgettable as long as the surf charters company have their own itinerary.

Surf charters with evacuation plans

Everywhere can be the battle field for the travelers including the surfers. You will never know what things could happen while controlling the surfboard among the big waves. In such condition, the surf company should have been trained their team (the boat’s crew) in how to keep safe the surfers as well as the boat itself in case the wind and the sea are changing.

Surf companies should have been known what to do when there will be something like that through the evacuation plans both for the surfers and the boat.

Ask the boat charter company if you are possible to stay on the boat during your surf trip

Accommodation is always the main thing to think about when planning the travel. If you think that the surf boat charter is what you will need for the next trip, you’d better ask the company or travel operator whether or not you are going to stay the whole days in the boat.

Even some of the liveaboard travel providers are not allowing the travelers to spend the night on board. So does when you are renting the surf boat, you have to make sure that the boat is possible as your main accommodation to experience the ultimate level of your surfing trip.

Komodo Liveaboard: How to Save Money for the Trip

The raw and wonderful cruising trip to Komodo National Park, Flores, with the notorious Komodo liveaboard has long been kept as summer dream for many travelers. And the trip will continue to be a dream if you do nothing to make it come true. While most of us are not millionaires—who can arrange any liveaboard trip anytime we wish—it takes a bit of financial planning to book the liveaboard vacation in Komodo. We need to save money, spare some income, limit expenditures, and carefully pick itineraries and extra facilities we want and can afford. We know your struggle, too, and that’s why we want to share some insight on how to save money so that you could set sail in the dreamy Komodo sooner than you think. 

Simple Tips to Make Money for Komodo Liveaboard Trip

Set A Komodo Liveaboard Jar of Changes

The easiest and simplest way to make money for sailing with Komodo liveaboard is, of course, saving changes from your weekly consumption. Remember how Carl and Ellie of Pixar’s UP saving up their changes into a glass jar for their dream trip to the Paradise Falls? Take their example and set your own daily saving.

Limit Café Breaks

Also, limit your coffee-to-go per week. Whenever you want to stop by Starbucks, JCo, Dunkin’ Donuts (or other coffee shop) for a quick grab, think about sailing away in Komodo’s remote, peaceful landscape. It doesn’t mean that you need to cut your daily caffeine consumption at all. If you can’t live without your regular morning coffee, consider to purchase grounded coffee beans and brew your own at home. Take it with you in tumbler or thermos and enjoy it in your office (or class). Just so you know, a bag of good quality coffee beans or grounded coffee, that could last nearly a month, is equal to 2 cups of Starbucks’ grande cups of coffee. Simply cutting off your daily visit to coffee shop will save you a lot more money than you thought.

Set Up A Garage Sale

We all have few things we don’t use anymore though they are still in perfect condition. Having a garage sale is a good idea to earn more extra money for making your Komodo liveaboard sailing trip comes true. Go through your house, look deeper inside your cabinet. Find clothes that you rarely use, stuffs you (or your kids) have outgrown, or things that you’ve find plainly boring for no reasons. Bonus point if you have accessories or furnitures that you don’t use anymore; like table lamps, rice cookers, bangles and necklace, hats, baby cribs, or even a couch! They usually sold quicker. Garage sale buyers love furnitures that they couldn’t normally purchase. Also, you don’t have to have an actual garage to have a sale—just post it in your social media or put it in secondhand marketplace site!

Sign Up for Temporary Online Taxi/ Taxibike

Most Komodo liveaboard boat trip are usually come affordable after you save up for three months or so. You can even take the basic one for just one to two millions rupiah for 3D2N sailing—though not for the best experience. Medium class liveaboard with double bed cabins and standard hotel facilities could cost you 5 – 7 millions rupiah for same duration of trip, and probably more on boats with additional water sport facilities onboard. If you think you need more money for your dream Komodo trip, consider to sign up as Uber/ Lyft driver and earn extra bucks this way. If you stay in Indonesia, you would not see any Uber or Lyft, but you’ll find the local counterpart: Gojek and Grab. Start driving in your spare time and you’d be quite shocked to have more than a million rupiah just in a week. Yes, that’s actually possible!

What to Do to Find the Best Seminyak Villas Offer?

There are many travellers who are visiting Bali and requiring to stay in the best villa they can get which is located at Seminyak area. Since it is one of the best place for tourists, then many of travellers are making it as their favourite place to spend their times.

But the thing is that, no matter how big their willing is to find the best Seminyak villas offer, they keep on confusing and possibly to get none since there are the other many tourists who are also willing the same thing.

Ways to find the best Seminyak villas offer in Bali

So, the competition for finding the best Seminyak villas offer has been started. You don’t even had a chance when the high season is coming to make a big crowd for the whole tourism sectors in Bali.

Things you can do to find the best Seminyak villas offer

If there will be a will, then you have know that you may will also have the ways.

To help you out for getting the best Seminyak villas in Bali with interesting offer you may not denied, there are some important things you can do and they are easy to accomplish. Those are as below.

a. Make a reservation months before

There is a tagline that quiet popular about Bali which is;

Everyday is Sunday in Bali.

And it is what it is. Everyday, people are travelling to Bali and enjoy all the excitements they can get. The tagline can also means that, you will competing with the other travellers in finding your best Seminyak villas offer because you are not the only one to travel around.

So does when the high season of tourism in the whole Bali, there will be more competitors you get to find your best accommodation. Therefore, planning your visit is vital and when everything has been well prepared, you’d better make a reservation as soon as possible so your chosen villa at Seminyak won’t be fall into the others.

It is recommended that you reserve a villa 2 or 3 months earlier before you come.

b. Check your best Seminyak villas offer on their official sites

Logging into TripAdvisor may be recommended but I prefer to find the Seminyak villas offer through search engine and directly get into the official sites and do checking one by one.

Doing this, sometime you will get the special discount and services when you are making a reservation through the site.

Some of the sites are also giving the guests the special services when they are reserving months before, so you can combine the first point on above with this one.

c. Know how close the villa is to the beach

I don’t know if you are a big fan of beach activity and atmosphere or not, but staying in the villa that is closer to the beach is an important thing not to be missed. Villa is a perfect match to the beach since long time ago and I think that will also be the great way to enjoy the tropical atmosphere of Bali.

The closer your rented villa to the beach is good especially if you will got a beachfront villa or at least you will only spend some short minutes by walking to it.

There are at least two reasons why you will need to do this. First, you will be easy to go to the beach and doing things. Secondly, there are many beach bar and restaurants where you can also made them as places to enjoy the beautiful trip in Bali with scene.

The other things to think about are services and trained staff. But since they are all seem to be the same for me, I think I will skip them and focusing on the above three ways to get the best Seminyak villas offer in Bali.