Open Plan Office: prospers the company and staggers the employees


The root of the first open plan office we can see this day dates back from the early 20th century when Frank Lloyd Wright has built an office for SC Johnson Wax in 1936. The concept of open plan office is one of the forms of modern co-working space. 

Open plan office is a brilliant idea that just being overrated these days. They have quickly developed and highly considered. Most of the companies try to copy the concept, though there are many things they have forgotten. It is easier to mention that they only focus on getting rid out of those cubicle walls. Open plan office was once a work of art which paid close attention to detail and constant flexibility.

Today, open plan office is perhaps a strategy conducted by companies to save the capital. Since every cubicle costs some money, they simply eliminate it. Many companies even mention the open plan office as a plus value in their job vacancies. They represent to the public that working in their companies is fun and comfortable. Please bear in mind that the pictures of elegantly built open plan office might not be as comfortable as they really. 

However, this is not the real intention of the open plan office in the first place. As the author of Scientific American, George Musser, said, open plan offices were invented by architects and designers who were trying to make the world a better place—who thought that to break down the social walls that divide people, you had to break down the real walls, too. 

While earning lots of compliments, this so-called open plan office is also receiving plenty of complaints. 

According to studies conducted by Harvard researchers, open plan offices are killing the productivity and not increasing the collaborative of the employees as it was intended for. The studies also find that the setting of open plan office has distracted the employees to focus and concentrate.

Psychologically speaking, this type of workplace apparently leads to a sense of being observed all the working time. Moreover, it also causes privacy issues and negative thoughts among the employees. Instead of encouraging interaction and openness, open plan office gives rise to insecurity and stress level. 

The modern type of offices like the open plan layout was developed by architects and designers to create a better working conditions. Just like everything in this world which has both good and bad sides, you can always examine and decide which type of office is best for you.