Tulamben: A Slice of Diver’s Paradise in North Bali

Tulamben: A Slice of Diver’s Paradise in North Bali

Far from beach parties and trendiest shopping centres, Tulamben enjoys treasures some of Bali’s most wonderful underwater gems in its rather laidback ambience. Diving is the main thing in Tulamben; as the region is blessed with many dive sites and impressive shipwreck.

There are several dive facilities and dive resorts in the vicinity because it is one of Bali’s best dive locations, so expect to see divers! People in dive gear will be crossing the street, and locals will be carrying scuba equipment (guys on their scooters or shoulders, women on their heads!) because this is a very popular diving region. Divers are continually entering and exiting the water. It’s difficult to get a picture of the coast without divers in it. It’s no surprise that the restaurants and bars have names like Safety Stop Restaurant and Drop Off Bar.

Getting Around Tulamben

Tulamben is a tiny village with a row of residences, stores, restaurants, and diving centers and resorts. There isn’t a true beach boulevard, but there are various walkways and resorts that provide access to the black lava rock beach. You can walk along the beach depending on the tide, however a romantic stroll can be difficult due to the large and slippery pebbles. Although the beach does not have a boardwalk or ‘boulevard,’ many walkways and resorts provide access to areas of the stunning black lava rock beach.

Tulamben and the Surrounding Dive Sites

Tulamben and the Surrounding Dive Sites

The majority of diving spots in the Tulamben area are easily accessible from the beach. The rocks can be fairly large and treacherous depending on the tide, so grab on to your partner or use one of the lines to get in and out of the sea.

Coral Garden & Drop Off

Coral Garden and Drop Off, which are an almost flat slope of corals and a cliff where you can’t see the bottom (+40 meters deep), are two more popular dive sites in Tulamben. This results in a wide range of dive locations in Tulamben!

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The Liberty Wreck

The Liberty Wreck, also known as the USAT Liberty, is one of the most popular wrecks in the world because it is lushly covered with marine life, easily accessible, and partially submerged. Ruin diving has a certain allure, especially if the wreck can’t be seen from the surface. You’re simply navigating or following your guide when a large dark shadow transforms into the shape of a ship, plane, or car.

It’s amazing to dive around a wreck and find all of the elements that are still intact or recognizable, such as the steering wheel, engine room, or even antique ship lamps. There is a lot of marine life on and surrounding the Tulamben wreck. There are numerous colorful nudibranchs as well as larger species such as sweet lips and surgeon fish can be discovered. Go early in the morning or go for night diving after dark to capture the best of Tulamben’s underwater scenery!

How to Dive in the Wreck

Depending on your level of experience and certification, there are several ways to dive Liberty Wreck. When swimming through some sections or when there is current, be careful not to touch anything. Because those wounds might take a long time to heal, you risk causing damage to the wreck or disturbing the marine life that lives there.

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